East Java Tobacco Import Increased 122 percent

TEMPO.CO, Surabaya: East Java tobacco commodity imports increased significantly. The value of imports in July 2014 for US $ 23.68 million and in August reached US $ 52.62 million. “The increase reached 122 percent,” said Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) East Java M. Sairi Hasbullah, Wednesday, October 1, 2014.

According Sairi, this import surge indicates that cigarette manufacturers would prefer not to absorb the local tobacco. Though Java is a center of tobacco. “It should be reviewed as to erode our foreign exchange,” he said.

Tobacco was imported mostly from China. The number reached 8.33 tons, or about 38 percent of the total value of imports. That is, the supply of tobacco from the State Bamboo contributes high enough to Java.

In addition to tobacco, non-oil imports also dominated East Java machines or mechanical appliances for US $ 316.18 million, followed by plastics and plastic goods for US $ 96.27 million, iron and steel amounted to $ 87.81 million, and gandum- cereals of US $ 73.57 million. Special commodity iron and steel, 38.29 percent supported by China, the United States, and Japan. “It’s actually less safe. If by that of dozens of nations may be safe,” said Sairi.

Even so, Sairi considers reasonable high number of imports of East Java. Therefore, these imports are used as raw materials or auxiliary. The increase in imports was mainly on the mechanical equipment industry buffer.
The value of imports of East Java in August 2014 reached $ 3.1 million, up 7.73 percent compared to July reached $ 1.96 million. Cumulatively, the value of imports from January to August 2014 to reach US $ 16,280.9 million, up 1.32 percent compared to the same period in 2013, US figure reached $ 16,069.18 million.

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Source: Tempo.co

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